A set of mentorship programs designed for emerging or early career visual artists. Through individual (online) or group sessions (in person) these programs are set up to meet specific needs of the participating artists.

In these sessions we usually deal with questions as the following:
. What kind of artist are you and what kind of art do you do?
. What are your interests and what subjects can you develop in your artistic practice?
. What does it mean to include your uniqueness as a being in your practice and to make it something that potentiates your work?
. What conceptual and formal issues do you need to deepen in your art work?
. How to build a deep repertoire that feeds your poetic research and your practice?
. What should you consider about your insertion into the art system?
. How to deal with the lack of time and/or resources without compromising your creative process?
. How to speak and write about your artwork from statement to raise funds proposals?
. How to manage your online presence as an artist, using internet to promote and circulate your artwork?
. And so on…

Individual Program – 100% ONLINE or in person (English, Portuguese or French)

In weekly sessions of approximately 2 hours, in a total of 16 meetings, the artist is guided through a full customized program. Through the approximately 4 months of this intensive program is recommended that during the mentoring, the artist should dedicate her/himself fully to make the most of it (but this condition is not mandatory).

ONLINE – Artists from any part of the world can subscribe to this program. The only requirements are to know how to digitalize images of artworks, share them electronically with the mentor, be connected to the internet and be able to speak English, Portuguese or French.

There is no specific day and time to start. The schedule will be agreed between the mentor and the artist considering the availability of the mentor’s agenda.

If you are interested, it is highly recommended that you apply in advance (trough this application form) because there is a waiting list.

Group Mentoring

These are 3-hour meetings, every 15 days, that take place in New York City with a limit of 5 members per cycle.

Each cycle is a year long with meetings at the mentor’s studio, participants’ studios, art exhibitions, conversations with guests (artists, gallery owners, curators) etc.

Meetings on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., held at a place determined by email with those selected.
Next group will start on April 24, 2018.

Submissions through this application form.

The mentor
Carolina Paz is a Brazilian visual artist based in Brooklyn/NY and professor of Sociology and Communication Theory who works with art and education since 2004. She holds a master degree in media studies and is represented by Galeria Virgilio in São Paulo, Brazil. After studying at the Central Saint Martins, in London, and founding the artist collective “Coletivo 2e1” in 2010, she now lives in New York since 2017.

About 2e1
“Coletivo 2e1” is a network of coexistence and creation of knowledge in contemporary visual arts that since 2010 has been fomenting teaching, experimentation and production through workshops, exhibitions, residencies and groups mentoring programs – online and in situ – in Brazil. In 2017 this network extended to the U.S. through their brand-new studio in New York City where “Coletivo 2e1” now offers the same services.

Testimonials from current and past mentees

In the period that I had Carolina Paz as a mentor in my projects, I was able to receive her generous and knowledgeable guidance. She is engaged, resilient and doesn’t give up on her pupils, even though they seem to want to give up on themselves. I obtained from her the motivation and the knowledge that I needed as a struggling artist and to be able to continue my artistic path.
Pierre Lapalu

Working with Carolina Paz brought me great opportunities to improve my research and my creation. During our sessions, we discuss matters related to my work, allowing me to reflect deeply on all the possibilities that my production can offer. She provides important references in contemporary art, philosophy, sociology as up to date information about international art system and market. She shares her knowledge with so much pleasure! And that’s her trick! I’m glad to have Carolina Paz as my mentor.
Susanne Sofia Schumacher Schirato

It’s not hard to say many incredible things about her. I could make a list to say how meaningful is to have Carolina Paz as a mentor. I feel proud and grateful of having the opportunity to exchange with her and everyone who participates of the mentorship. But, I want to say more. I chose these special words: disposition, purpose, energy, sensitivity, sincerity, and generosity. Carolina has lots of it all combined in one person! This is how Carol creates a special and inspiring place that is always transforming into open and expanded coexistence with dialogues and exchanges.
Val Schneider

The Carolina Paz mentorship experience, as a visual artist, liaise and inciter of creative processes is based on exchanges established with the participants in her tutoring. Her eye, very generous with the our work, can capture enormous potential that many times, we have no awereness of it. The analysis she does, always based on plural references of contemporary visual artists, signalizes doors that each one can decide if they want to open and go through. It is not uncommon for a work presented at the meetings becomes the theme to philosophical talks, expanding our perceptions of how our processes (both artistic and personal) are developing – on the account that there is no separation between what you are and what you do.
Wagner Priante

For three years I’ve participated in the mentorship programs (individual and group) with Carolina. It was a serendipitous moment in my life. At the time I was very lonely in my practice and very willing to exchange with other’s points of view. Participating in those activities made me grow a lot as an artist, gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, to organize myself objectively (and subjectively), as well to participate in projects and exhibitions with this incredible and trustworthy group.
Alina Duchrow
Any questions can be submitted to us by e-mail to doiseum@doiseum.com